A Great Way For Students To Travel


Boler camper trailers are the original lightweight trailers. The trailer was made of fiberglass and was the lightest trailer on the road at that time. Even today there are only a few trailers available that are as light as the Boler. Bolers were manufactured primarily in Canada for over 20 years. The first trailer was produced in 1968 and the last one is believed to have rolled off the production line in 1988. In spite of their age you can still find Boler trailers for sale. Ability to compact fairly flat when not in use so it can fit into a carry-on bag, briefcase, or purse. BEFORE: Grungy blue fuzzy upholstery with pink and blue pockets and the wood panel sticking out like a glaring sore thumb. Nothing a little paint and shiny white vinyl with cool alligator print on it couldn’t fix.

Need some help choosing the right plan? Try our Trip Planner tool. Just tell us where you’re going and the device you’re taking. Trip Planner will let you know which plan is best for your travel needs. Thought provoking article. I plan to begin a lot of travelling next year – and mostly it is to educate myself, broaden my horizons and have life experience.

I live in Oregon and have lived in Nevada. I would gladly take the sales tax over the high self-employment tax I pay. Good ideas. I would find that the noise cancelling headphones would be the best of the list for me. Stay in for date night. Instead of going out to dinner and movie, make a meal together (or get a frozen pizza and salad) and rent something from Redbox, or look through your Netfilx/Hulu/Amazon Watch queue. Put the difference in your vacation fund.

Often, when only on short trips, my husband and I just bring our iPad with us and it serves well for the things we need to do. It is much lighter. It is also easier to take out at airline security. GoPros are great for capturing action shots and videos. While they are perfect for so many activities, they do not take photos in low-light situations. I guess you can’t expect it to do it all!

A good quality travel blanket could last for a very long time, so do not forget to keep that in mind while you are shopping. You have to ask that question to the BAI office. We did not fax ours, we just brought it with us in the flight with our pet. Thanks for your question. Happy New Year 2017.

Washington D.C. down through Virginia to the Outer Banks, and then down to Charleston SC – with a final destination of Savannah GA and Tybee Island! I’m booked in for a trip to Palawan in the Philippines. Got a 3 night stay for $139.00 at Princesa Resort with a number of tours and transfers including dinner and breakfast! Can’t wait to go!!!

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