A cinema-hotel has now opened in Paris


A cinema-hotel has now opened in Paris

Paris is now home to a unique cinema hotel, the first of its kind, that will allow guests to enjoy movies in their rooms. Well, you certainly have television for that, but this is a lot different. The Hotel Paradiso has 36 rooms, and each is equipped with a screen projector, so it is like you have your own private theatre.

A perfect destination for cinephiles, the hotel is already up and running, and is a unique stay that you will never forget.

According to the owners, the hotel is a homage to 1960’s Hollywood. According to Elisha Karmitz, one of the owners, “Not only do you have a lot of hotels in the movies, but also in L.A., a lot of movies are being made. You meet in hotels; you produce in hotels.”

A cinema-hotel has now opened in Paris

Guests staying at the hotel can select a film through an iPad, and transform their hotel rooms into mini theatres. The screens are 9 ft in size, and transport you to the world of cinema. But this is not all. Guests can also enjoy movies while sitting in the bathtub on a PlayStation 5. Additionally, there is a karaoke option as well, a karaoke-themed suite with over 10000 songs.

The hotel even has a 17-seat theatre that runs movies from dusk till dawn, so anyone up for a movie marathon can always step in.

With so much happening, we are guessing that you might not even leave your room for long periods of time. A great way to experience Parisian culture, and cinema, the hotel is certainly going to be one of the highlights of your tour to Paris.

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