10 Best Music Festivals in Oklahoma for Your Bucket List 



Looking for the best music festivals in Oklahoma? Well, you’ve come to the right place, because I’ve compiled a list of all the best music festivals hosted annually around the state. 

From rock to blues, indie to pop, electronic to jazz, Dozens of Oklahoma music festivals of all kinds fill the calendar year-round. No matter what kind of music, dance, or concerts you are in love with, You will find an epic music festival with your name on it. And below is the list of the 10 best music festivals in Oklahoma. 

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1) Norman Music Festival

Norman Music Festival Ohio 2022

Where: Norman, Oklahoma

When: April 28-30, 2022


The Norman Music Festival takes place during the month of April in the downtown historic arts district of the city. The festival was first hosted in 2008, it was a one-day event but since that time the event has grown to span two nights and one full day and night of music and arts. The best part is, It’s free! It’s organized for music lovers by donors who love music. 

NMF features performers from several different genres in both indoor and outdoor venues. A list of well-known artists including The Jack Moves, Jabee, Black Rabbit, High Pulp, was featured in the previous years. The Drums, DIIV, Wet, Mothica, Fat Tony, are the headliners for the upcoming event. The event is the perfect blend of food, art, comedy, and a family-friendly experience. 

2) The Hop Jam Beer & Music Festival

The Hop Jam Beer & Music Festival

Where: Main Street, Tulsa, Oklahoma

When: May 22-23, 2022 


The Hop Jam is the largest craft beer and music festival in Oklahoma with thousands of people joining from near and far. The event is all about bringing people together to celebrate music. It offers a great environment for people to gather and enjoy the weekend for two days.

Apart from being one of the premier craft beer events in the nation, it features local talent along with national artists such as Hanson, Butch Walker, The Weeks, Phantom Planet, Jacob Travor, and many great international musicians. You will also be able to buy their merchandise during the event as well as online. While you’re there, You must check out some of the local attractions to experience more of Oklahoma.

3) Tallgrass Music Festivals

Tallgrass Music Festivals Ohio

Credit: Tallgrass Music Festivals

Where: Skiatook, Oklahoma

When: October 14-15, 2022


If you are in the fever of listening to bluegrass music, You can give a visit to the Tallgrass Music Festival. It’s a fun-filled weekend in Skiatook, Oklahoma that features some of the top-class bluegrass artists who perform in the traditional style. Located in the heart of Osage County, the Tallgrass Music Festival is a great excuse to check out beautiful Skiatook Lake and other beautiful nearby attractions. 

There are so many reasons to stick around this festival but the festival’s food vendors are always ready to prepare your meals which makes it a fun and joyful event. Friendly and Helpful staff readily are available to enhance your Tallgrass experience. Whether you are simply attending or camping for the weekend, they are going to make it great and memorable for you. 

4) Woody Folk Festival

Woody Folk Festival Oklahoma

Where: W Broadway St, Bearden, Oklahoma

When: July 13-17, 2022


The Woody Folk Music festival is dedicated to preserving and promoting the legacy and music of Woodrow Wilson Guthrie who was one of the most famous American singers & songwriters. It’s a four-day festival originally founded in 1997 by some passionate people gathered to honor Woody Guthrie’s music. 

With four days of live music, storytelling, and poetry reading, this music festival will take you to the old days of folk music. The festival is held on the weekend closest to July 14 – the date of Guthrie’s birth – in Guthrie’s hometown of Okemah, Oklahoma. At this event, you will enjoy the timeless songs of Woody Guthrie performed by local and international artists like John Fullbright, Samantha Crain, Larry Spears, Ali Harter, Greg Jacobs, the Turnpike Troubadours, and more.

5) Stone River Music Festival

Where: Chandler, Oklahoma

When: September 9-10, 2022

If you love high-tunes in Music, You are going to love the experience of the Stone River Music Festival in Chandler. The music festival is held for two days in September every year to bring music lovers closer to music. It’s an outdoor music festival that is known for its food trucks, family-friendly activities, and crafts vendors. 

The festival is celebrated in a private property located three miles south of the town. They have been featuring so many local artists for years and providing a platform to the talented musicians of Oklahoma. Don’t be so curious about the line-up for this year but it’s for sure that the local artists will go beyond your expectations. 

6) Jazz in June Music Festival

Jazz in June Music Festival Oklahoma

Credit: Jazz in June

Where: Norman, Oklahoma

When: June, 2022


Jazz in June located in Norman is another top-class music festival. The annual three-night festival which began in 1984 is well known as “the happiest jazz festival” in Oklahoma. This outdoor Jazz and Blues festival attracts thousands of people from all around the US and the world.

This festival is not only a part of Norman’s culture but it’s also the kind of music festival you won’t want to miss. If you are looking for a fun weekend, add the Jazz in June music festival to your bucket list. The Festival features local talent along with national artists like Jon Cleary, Beto, The Fairlanes, Ghost Town Blues Band, Lao Tizer Band, and many more.      

7) Rocklahoma

Rocklahoma Music Festival

Credit: Rocklahoma Music Festival

Where: Pryor, Oklahoma

When: September 2-4, 2022


The Rocklahoma is the biggest rock festival in Oklahoma held for three days in Pryor. The festival offers a three-day outdoor camping experience that you will miss forever. With three stages and some of the biggest names in rock music, it draws nearly 70,000 attendees every year from across the globe. 

The Rocklahoma features more than 70 entertainment acts across three stages. You will be blown away by the list of artists in their line-up which includes some outstanding bands like Twisted Sister, ZZ Top, Kid Rock, Guns N’ Roses, and more. And these are not the only things you get to enjoy at this festival but all other things including food and craft vendors will probably make your experience even better. 

8) American Heritage Music Festival    

Where: Grove, Oklahoma 

When: September 2-4, 2022


Looking for a wonderful family experience and incredible music? This is what I’ve on the list for you, the American Heritage Music Festival. It’s a music festival which is held three times a year, and it’s best known for hosting old-time fiddle competitions. The festival is located at the shores of beautiful Grand Lake O’ the Cherokees in northeastern Oklahoma.

This three-day, family-friendly festival takes place in the Grove Civic Center and offers concerts, fiddle contests, and jam sessions all weekend. And there’s much to experience while you are here such as world-class food and outdoor activities. Fiddle competition categories include twin fiddle, hot fiddle, flat-picking, mandolin, Honey Creek special, jukebox, Dobro, Banjo, and more. 

9) OKM Music Festival 

Where: Bartlesville, Oklahoma

When: June 9-13, 2022


“We believe that music matters!” This is the tagline of OKM music festival which is enough to tell you what kind of music festival it is and what you’re going to experience at this event. OKM music festival is a three-day music festival and it’s considered among the oldest music festivals in Oklahoma.

For more than 30 years this music festival has been helping people to learn music with its programs designed for the youth community. You’ll enjoy classical and chamber music performances, along with a variety of tours, and fun activities. The festival features some of the most gifted artists & musicians of Oklahoma. This year’s mainstage artists are Hot Club of Cowtown, Amanda Cook Band, Catherine Russell, and more on the list. 

OKM Music Festival  Oklahoma

10) Honeymoon Rock Fest

Honeymoon Rock Fest Oklahoma 2022

Where: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

When: March 18-20, 2022 


Want to celebrate music and love together? Well, we’ve found one festival for you as well. The Honeymoon music festival is a three-day music festival designed to offer a great experience to couples. No matter whether you’re a newly-weds or old-age couple, you’re going to love it. The festival features some of the best bands including Puddle of Mudd, Far Beyond, The World Over. And you might also get a chance to meet artists like Scott Stapp, Saliva, Katelyn Meyers, and many more.  

It’s a unique and completely different approach to music festivals by Leia and Phillipe who are musicians and wanted to celebrate their moments through music. The small music festival that they originally envisioned has grown into full-scale production, with 3 days of music, weddings, and over 25 amazing artists. There’s no better option in the list of music festivals if you are looking for a couple of friendly musical events. 


If you’ve heard of any cool festivals, events, or concerts that deserve a place on this list, be sure to reach out!

I’d love to keep my list of music festivals in Oklahoma as up to date as possible!


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Thanks so much for reading my Oklahoma Festivals 2022 guide!


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