Why Your Hotel Should Hire Veterans



Why Your Hotel Should Hire Veterans

As you’re beginning your business, or even if you have an already thriving one, you should consider hiring veterans. They’ve fought for the country and deserve opportunities, especially considering some veterans are more at risk for homelessness. Today, Are Morch explains how helping them could also be benefiting your hotel.

They Have Unique Skills

No matter which branch a veteran served in, Snelling points out that one aspect always remains the same: teamwork is crucial. A vet will bring that skill to your business. Both men and women work together in the service to complete tasks promptly and effectively.

Dedication is another factor. A vet has to be dedicated to the service, considering they might spend a great deal of time away from family, and their lives may be in danger at any time. They have this mindset, and they may bring it with them to your business.

MetLife notes that vets tend to be highly self-motivated. They push themselves every day in the service to reach goals and continue to improve. Self-motivation is a skill they’ll bring along with them.

When you hire a veteran, you’ll notice they can deal with high-stress situations well without becoming overwhelmed. As they served, they were in stressful situations often.

Additionally, a vet can easily follow instructions that are given, and they will complete the task promptly because this is what they had to do in the service.

They Can Easily Handle Various Tasks 

If you have a business that requires someone who can handle a variety of tasks thrown at them in one day, vets can step up to the plate.

Keep in mind that some veterans specialized in an area of the service. Therefore, they may be more competent in certain scopes than others. For instance, a vet might have skills in information technology, which could help with your business management end.

The Pleasure of Helping Another Human Being

Veterans are at risk for mental health conditions, such as depression. By giving a vet a job, you can feel good about yourself, knowing that you might be helping to reduce mental health issues and prevent a vet from becoming homeless. Plus, let’s say the vet doesn’t have a specialty. You can help them learn new skills!

Tax Credit Benefits 

While you want to hire a vet for the right reasons and for what they can bring to your company, you may also be eligible for a tax credit. In the first year of hiring a veteran, you can claim $1 for every hour they worked for you during the year.

Streamline Your Hotel 

Although the hiring aspect of your business is important, you have other tasks thrown at you simultaneously. So you can focus on the management rather than the business end, consider getting a doing business as (DBA) name. This task will make it simpler if you decide to expand your products or services. Additionally, when you have a DBA, you can use it for your web domain if your current business name is taken or too expensive.

You could also make your business run smoother by having an employer identification number (EIN) to obtain business loans and credit cards. Last but not least, don’t forget to take advantage of free online resources! For instance, if you’re doing a little online promotion and need to alter your file size from one platform to another, some tools will allow you to resize images online without the need to install expensive software.

Digital convenience, the next essential of customer experience, is a critical factor in determining how customers make decisions about what to buy, what services to use, where to go, and with whom to engage.

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Hire a Veteran to Improve Your Hotel

Vet applications should be a welcome sight for any business owner! In addition to providing you with an opportunity to help those who have helped their country, you also get the benefit of a professional, top-notch employee!

Many hotels today struggle with hiring and also retaining employees. If your hotel doesn’t have a program or hiring veterans now is the time to start one. And for the hotels that already have a veteran program in place, these tips will help you promote this program and reach new employees.

Are Morch is a Digital Transformation Coach driven by his passion and love for hotels. He provides dedicated high-value digital transformation services for the hotel industry. To learn more, reach out today!

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