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The Epe mangrove is located in the coastal region of Epe.
Epe Mangrove is one of nature’s gifts to the people of Epe in Lagos, Nigeria. It is a hidden secret only for the adventurous. The mangrove is located in a serene environment in the coastal region of Epe.
Epe is a very calm city far from the hustle and bustle of Lagos. The city is known for its tourism potential. Epe has been at the forefront of tourism in Lagos. No wonder it is hosts two of the best resorts in Nigeria. It is also home to one of the biggest fish markets in the country.

epe mangrove

The mangrove is one of the many hidden gems in Lagos. This is why you should add it to your list of things to do in Lagos. The serenity is just out of this world.
The Epe mangrove has been on my bucket list for so long as it is almost the only tourist attraction I am yet to visit in Epe. These are some of the tourist attractions I have visited in Epe. You can check it out here.
The Epe Fishmarket, also known as the Oluwo fish market
The Epe resort
Jubilee chalets
Sungbo Eredo

What is a Mangrove?

epe mangroves

Mangroves are collections of trees, shrubs and plants that grow in areas with low oxygen soil or slow-moving brackish waters. The Mangroves plants are salt-tolerant because of their super salt filtering
Mangroves are an important part of our ecosystem that helps to absorb water after rainfall to avoid floods.

Why Epe Mangrove?

The Epe mangrove is shallow water, it is about 14 to 19 feet deep during the rainy season at the swampy side, while the open waters are less than 4 feet. The journey starts with a boat paddling across a narrow body of water that flows into a broader body of water that connects into the Atlantic.
Epe is a coastal town in Lagos notable for its fishing activities, no wonder the sculpture of a big fish is the first thing you see when you enter this beautiful city.

mangroves in epe lagos

Life in Epe

Epe is an Ijebu town located southwest Nigeria within a few minutes’ drive from Lekki. However, it is under the Lagos state within the Ibeju Lekki area of Lagos. The majority of the economic activities in Epe is farming, fishing and trading.
Life in Epe is on a slow-mo, the cities are naturally calm, quiet and serene.

The Fauna

Epe mangrove is home to wildlife and aquatic animals like tilapia fish, catfish, alligators, bush meats, shrimps, crayfish, oysters, antelopes, wild pigs, monitor lizards etc.

It is also home to mangrove plants, shrubs, trees and herbs.

Getting to the Mangrove

The Epe mangrove is located in the Ibeju area of Lekki, it is about 15 minutes drive from the main Epe.
The journey is over two and a half hours drive from the mainland and over a one and half hour drive from Lekki phase 1. Getting to the Epe Mangroves requires you to drive past Lekki, Ajah, Abraham Adesanya, Lakowe through the Lekki Epe expressway towards Epe. Once you get past the road that leads to the Ask for the Ibeju bus stop. Once you get to the Ibeju bus stop, ask for Abe Iji meta (under the three trees)

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Experience at The Mangrove

Epe mangrove is one of the most beautiful and serene sights you

Cost of Visiting The Epe Mangrove

The cost of visiting Epe Mangroves varies and depends on the number of people you are going with. The cost may range from as low as 2,500 above depending on the numbers and your power of negotiation.

What is the Fuss About Epe?

Epe is a coastal region that shares a border with Ogun State. It is known for its fishing activities and hosts one of the largest fish markets in Nigeria. The market is known as the Epe fish market.

Tips When Visiting The Epe Mangrove

  1. It is better to visit in the morning to enjoy the views before the sunsets.
  2. Do not visit during the rainy season. Rainy seasons might not be the best time to visit the mangrove.
  3. Hold snacks and a bottle of water: You may decide to
  4. You should make it a point of duty to check the weather forecast for the period you plan to visit to ensure it’s not too sunny or a rainy day
  5. Wear something comfortable best to wear shorts
  6. Come with waterproofs for your items
epe lagos mangrove

Things to Do at the Epe Mangrove

Explore the Beauty of the Mangrove: It offers the opportunity to explore the beauty of nature. You get to experience the tranquillity. It is usually about a 20 to 40 minutes boat ride depending on how long you want to soak it in.
Enjoy the local canoe ride: This is one of the most adventurous parts of the experience. The canoeing takes about 30 minutes to 2 hours depending on the duration of the stops. It also depends on how long you want to stay and if you would like to engage in other activities.
Visit the local Garri making factory: There is a local Garri factory where local Garri is processed. The Garri place is located in a village not too far from the mangrove.
Go Fishing: You can also go fishing or stopover at the Epe fish market which is about 15 minutes drive from the mangrove.
Visit the local gin-making factory: There is a local gin factory that is about ten minutes drive from the mangrove.
Enjoy the beautiful views: Enjoy the beautiful views of the Epe mangrove.
Soak yourself in nature: It is another opportunity to soak yourself in nature.
Take Lovely photos: This is another opportunity to take mind-blowing pictures.

epe magrove lagos

Things to Note When Visiting Epe Mangrove

  • This tour is best done in the morning
  • It is located about 2 hours 30 minutes from the mainland. It is best to visit early to avoid traffic.
  • Wear something smart
  • Get a tour guide
  • Come with waterproof bags for your personal belongings.

Other Tourist Attractions in Epe

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