Vermont’s new COVID-19 rules for travellers


Vermont’s new COVID-19 rules for travellers

Skiers going to Vermont can now skip quarantine if they have been vaccinated for as long as 14 days before arriving at the destination. Vermont, the skiing paradise is a much popular destination in the United States, and the COVID-19 scare is causing some concerns this year. If you are arriving in Vermont by train, plane, or bus, and have not been vaccinated, then it is mandatory to quarantine for 14 days.

On the other hand, if travellers do not have any symptoms of COVID-19, they can get a PCR test done on the seventh day, or after the seventh day of quarantine. If the result turns out to be negative, then the person can relieve themselves from the quarantine. However, they are required to monitor themselves for any COVID-19 symptoms until the completion of the 14-day period. There is yet another great new rule, which says that those who intend to travel can quarantine themselves in their home state before heading for Vermont.

Vermont’s new COVID-19 rules for travellers

You are expected to follow all COVID-19 rules when in Vermont, from wearing face masks, to maintaining at least six ft of social distance from other people you do not live with. Also you must avoid all crowded indoor spaces, and make hygiene a priority.

It has also been reported that Vermont has banned social gatherings between households, while travellers are not permitted to stay with a local host, or in a lodge, or a rental with another household.

Vermont is quite an alluring destination in the USA, full of great experiences. The state is specially blissful for adventurers, and if you are interested in skiing then this is the place for you. Farm fresh foods will keep your body and soul nourished, and of course the views, they are stellar.

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