Uzbekistan’s unique offer: visitors will receive $3000 if they get Coronavirus while visiting the country, Uzbekistan


Uzbekistan’s unique offer: visitors will receive $3000 if they get Coronavirus while visiting the country

As the world is opening for tourism after a long lockdown, every country is trying to lure tourists with different kinds of offers and deals. However, Uzbekistan, in a bid to attract tourists, has introduced quite an unique offer wherein if a visitor gets Coronavirus during their visit to the country, Uzbekistan will give them a whooping $3000 (nearly INR 2,26,747)!

Yes, you read that correct! The country is offering such a huge amount because it’s confident that no one will get the virus here. Uzbekistan has launched a campaign called
Safe Travel Guaranteed, under which it is offering visitors $3000 if they get infected with the Coronavirus while exploring the country.

Apparently, to treat the virus, it costs nearly $3000 in Uzbekistan, that’s why the amount. To make it official, the President of the country, Shavkat Mirziyoyev also signed a decree on Tuesday.

Sophie Ibbotson, Uzbekistan’s tourism ambassador to the UK, said, “We want to reassure tourists they can come to Uzbekistan. The government is so confident that the new safety and hygiene measures being implemented across the tourism sector will protect tourists from COVID-19 that the president is prepared to put money where his mouth is: If you get COVID-19 on holiday in Uzbekistan, we will compensate you.”

However, there are a few things you must know about this plan:

1) To receive the $3000, one must explore the country with a local tour guide.

2) The guides, hotels, and tourist sites will have to get a certification from the local government showing they are following all the virus safety guidelines.

3) Uzbekistan is open to visitors from only low-risk zone countries, including China, Israel, Japan, and South Korea.

4) Those coming from the UK and Europe will have to undergo a 14-day quarantine.

Despite having a population of more than 33 million, Uzbekistan till date has recorded just 7228 Coronavirus positive cases and 20 deaths.

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