Travel across India through Dekho Apna Desh webinars


Travel across India through Dekho Apna Desh webinars

As the tourism industry gets adversely affected by the current lockdown in India, the Tourism Ministry has launched a webinar that offers virtual travel to travellers. Called
Dekho Apna Desh, the webinar is providing an in-depth knowledge of Indian destinations, along with a better understanding of Indian heritage.

The webinar is quite similar to the one that was released back in January, 2020, it was then called
Dekho Mera Desh. During that time, the ministry was rewarding tourists who were travelling to at least 15 Indian destinations in a year.

Travel across India through Dekho Apna Desh webinars

The first webinar for
Dekho Apna Desh was called
City of Cities—Delhi’s Personal Diary, and it went live on April 14. Various tour operators are giving presentations across various destinations in the country. It was given by India City Walks, and this had 5546 registered viewers. The second one had explored The city of Joy, Kolkata. The latest one is based on Varanasi, by tour company Photowalking Varanasi. It introduces viewers to the old city, and shows all its grandest attractions.

The webinars are being hosted by Additional Director General, Ministry of Tourism, Rupinder Brar, and you can check them out on YouTube. Every webinar brings the authentic flavour of the city, from Kolkata to the highlands of Leh, it is an incredible experience for those sitting at home and dreaming of exploring the great wide land of India. It helps to make all the different parts of the country accessible to viewers all across the world, while at the same time allowing tour companies to remain active during this period of lockdown.

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