The question on when to actually make the voyage to the US is pretty complex and there are so many things to consider. And it really does depend on what you want to do while you’re there. I am returning to the US (after 30 years overseas) and planning to live in an RV and travel. No US driver license, medical insurance or residency. You are absolutely correct that there are different threats to your data when crossing a border than when traveling in general. But there are also different threats when traveling in location A than in location B (and C and D, …).

Here are links for web sites that sell wonderful items that are either too heavy or too breakable to carry home from a Polish trip. After a minute of flailing around, my feet and hands went numb – allowing me to ignore the cold and focus on catching a fish.

These are all the clothes I packed for 3 months in South America….and they all squished down into three packing cubes! Nicesh sells perfectly sized ones for this use that also come in colors, so using them makes fining the foods you need even easier because you can color code them!

EFT is growing in popularity with regards to the treatment of phobias. It is often thought of as a kind of emotional acupuncture” but instead of using needles, a tapping technique is applied. It is painless and simple to learn. Wow, what a fantastic hub! I moved out to the west coast recently and have been taking a lot of trips. I definitely want to go and see the grand canyon and do the skywalk. Thanks!

great tips! hopefully i could try this traveling alone thing. thanks! great hub! Hi Jmillis! You´re right, these tips are good for traveling in most places. Angus had been to many countries in Europe but in going to the Philippines, we needed a lot of paper works for his travel.

I love it! Your pic at the top isn’t working. And I love the piece about voter registration, but I would hope people aren’t actually voting in states where they’re not following the political climate. But there IS a way to get them if you missed any! See the Al Bhed Compilation Sphere Tip!

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