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Are we there yet? Haven’t you heard these moans from the back seat over the years? If waiting to arrive tests the patience and boredom threshold of your troglodytes, imagine the ramp up to travel. So you understand the need for some, ahhhhhhh anticipatory gifts to ease their boredom, reduce the whines and give a hint of peace to Mom and Dad. A UNESCO-protected site since 1973, Puerto Galera is located in Oriental Mindoro Province about 130 km south of Manila. The name Puerto Galera is used among travelers to refer to the area surrounding the town as well, including Sabang and White Beach.Travel

Try locking the app and unlocking it. Or force quitting the app and re-launching it. You really shouldn’t need to sign out/sign in again. If none of those work I’d like to get a Diagnostics Report from the device so that we can see why it’s not talking to the server. Follow the instructions on here: Email it in and mention my name in the email along with a link to this blog comment to give us a bit of context. If there’s a bug I want us to fix it instead of finding a workaround.

You have to consider a number of things..Do I have to purchase a dog crate or dog carrier that has been approved by the airlines;.will my dogs airline carrier or crate fit under the seat in front of me;.if I ship my dog as cargo, will my dog transport crate meet the approved dimensions;.will my dog be allowed out of its airline carrier during the trip;.what will the temperature be along the route.

Thank you for all the info….we are retiring within the next few years and have plans to travel in our RV…so this really helps. We take short trips now but are wanting to expand our horizons in the future!! You mentioned an America the Beautiful Lands pass….how do you get it.

In fact, the Panglao Marine Biodiversity Project discovered that Panglao Island has more marine species and biodiversity than both Japan and the Mediterranean Sea combined. Currently, Panglao Island is being developed and the government has plans to build an airport to further boost the island’s tourism.

This also has a leather haul handle and its rear sleeve slides easily over handles of wheeled luggage. Even better, this has a lifetime limited warranty and a Swiss bag tracking program which, for free, will reunite you with your bag, should it ever be lost, anywhere in the world.

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