This Incredible Bus Ride will take you to London from Rishikesh in June 2021, Rishikesh


This Incredible Bus Ride will take you to London from Rishikesh in June 2021

This is something that might read too good to be true but is true! This Incredible Bus Ride is for real! If road trips are the kind of journeys you enjoy, brace yourself for this upcoming bus tour that will take you directly to the beautiful lanes of London from Rishikesh in June 2021. The dream bus is being launched by wrestler Labhanshu Sharma, who has announced to take 20 people from Rishikesh to London.

Labhanshu Sharma, aka Pahalwan Jee, is a famous Indian wrestler from Rishikesh. He is also a world peace activist and has won two gold medals in Asian International Games and Indo-Nepal International Wrestling Tournament.

According to him, the journey will cover a distance of 21000 km and only 20 lucky people will get the opportunity to travel through 20 countries. As of now, the journey is planned to commence in June 2021.

The tour, which is named the Incredible Bus Ride, will be a 75-day long sojourn. The main aim of this long road journey is to spread the beauty of Indian culture abroad. Labhanshu, being a peace activist, has organised such trips through 32 countries on international roads. Recently, as a part of the World Peace Tour, Labanshu along with his brother Vishal, completed India to London trip by road.

Rishikesh to London bus tour route:

Week 1: Rishikesh to Imphal
Week 2: Onward to Myanmar
Week 3: From Myanmar-Thailand to Laos
Week 4: Onward to Chengdu in China
Week 5: To Dunhuang, China
Week 6: To Kashgar, China
Week 7: To Bishkek in Kyrgyzstan and Tashkent in Uzbekistan
Week 8: To Beyneu in Kazakhstan and Russia’s Moscow and St Petersburg
Week 9: To Poland’s Latvia, Prague in the Czech Republic and Austria
Week 10: To Zurich in Switzerland, Paris in France and London in the UK
Week 11: To Wales and Scotland before driving back to London

Per person cost: INR 13.99 lakh per person and passengers need to have a passport valid for 10 months from the date of the journey, with 10 blank pages.

The price includes:

1) Seat on a luxury bus
2) Return flights from London to India
3) Visa fees
4) Two meals per day day
5) Hotel accommodation on twin sharing basis
6) Sightseeing
7) Local tours

The price does not include alcohol charges, other sightseeing plans and GST.

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