These were the trending travel searches for 2020, World


These were the trending travel searches for 2020

Google has revealed a list of most ‘googled’ travel searches for the year 2020. If you think “coronavirus” was the top trending search across the globe, you are right. The COVID-19 pandemic had a huge impact on the travel industry this year. People googled a number of questions related to travel.

A number of people turn to Google when searching for travel related answers, and Google has finally unveiled its annual Year in Search data for 2020. The data shows the US top trending searches from the trillions of searches from the passing year.

Here are some of the most asked:

1) Where can Americans travel right now?

2) When will international travel resume?

3) Is it safe to travel?

4) When will travel restrictions be lifted?

People also googled some specific questions like whether Mexico and Hawaii were open for travel or not? Some top trending searches around the world were “virtual” field trips, museum tours and tours in general.

Nelly Kennedy, Brand Editorial Director at Google, said, “For nearly 20 years, as the year comes to a close, Google has shared the top questions, moments and individuals that inspired the world to search.”

Google Trends data captures the essence of a year. In 2020, the world searched “why” more than any other time in history.

While news search was mainly dominated by election results and coronavirus, travel search was all about virtual field trips and virtual museum tours. When it comes to recipes, people across the globe mostly searched for whipped coffee and sourdough bread.

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