“The sun will shine again in Maldives”- the island nation open to tourists without any restrictions from July, Maldives


“The sun will shine again in Maldives”- the island nation open to tourists without any restrictions from July

Good news for those missing basking in the sun on a beach, as the beautiful island nation of Maldives has decided to reopen its doors for tourists without any COVID-19 restrictions. Set in the Indian Ocean, the country is doing all preparations to open for tourists from all over world as early as this July.

Just a few weeks ago, the country had announced a number of travel restrictions given the pandemic, but the scene is completely different now. From July, all those interested in exploring the pristine beaches, will be able to do so without applying for any visa, or undergoing any Coronavirus medical health test.

Also, there won’t be any self-quarantine for tourists too and they can stay in the Maldives for as long as they want! The rules are much more relaxed than pre-COVID era!

On June 10, the Ministry of Tourism in Maldives posted a video on Twitter with a caption, “See you in July.” In the 49-seconds video, we see people from different countries saying, “The sun will shine in the Maldives again”.

No visa required to visit Maldives

The Maldivian government has decided to go visa-free from July! However, this was not the scene two weeks ago. In fact, the rules were quite stringent for tourists. Earlier, it was decided that a tourist visa would cost around $100 (INR 7600), for a minimum 14-night stay. Also, tourists were asked to provide their Coronavirus test result (not older than a week) before their arrival in the country.

Not only this, the earlier rule also made it mandatory for tourists to get tested again when they land in the Maldives by paying $100. Also, quarantine was a must till tourists got their test results.

This sudden turn in tourism policies might be because the country is completely dependant on tourism. Ever since the lockdown, which began in March, there hasn’t been much economic growth.

Till now, the Maldives has reported 2013 COVID-19 positive cases and 8 deaths on its islands.

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