The main types of transfer transportation

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The transfer is a service for the transportation of a passenger or a group of passengers from the airport to the city center, hotel, or to a specified and pre-agreed address. It can be a group, individual, business, or tourist. Breckenridge to dia transportation allows you to quickly get from the airport not only to the location in the city of arrival but also to another locality.

The main types of transfer transportation:

  • airport-hotel;
  • airport-station;
  • airport-airport;
  • railway station-hotel.

Car rental with driver

This is the most convenient way to move around a big city to solve various business issues. You can pay for car rental with a driver in various ways: in cash, by credit cards, or by bank transfer. Car transfers are a guarantee of safety, significant time savings, and the ability to resolve personal matters during the trip. Renting a car with a driver will allow you to fully enjoy the time spent on the road.

Types of transport offered by companies:

  • minibus (capacity up to 18 people);
  • business class car (up to 3 passengers);
  • standard class car (up to 3 people);
  • comfort class car (up to 3 passengers);
  • minivan (designed for 6 passengers).

How to order a transfer?

It is important to book transport at least 2-3 days before arrival. When placing an order, you must provide the following information:

  • points of arrival and travel;
  • number of passengers;
  • transfer class;
  • flight number (if you are traveling from an airport);
  • train number and carriage (if you are traveling by train);
  • date and time of arrival;
  • destination address;
  • the need for a return transfer.

As an additional service, a passenger can book a specific brand of car or bus. Transfer transportation will take place even in case of flight delay or train delay. You can order a car transfer service without leaving your own office or home, just make an application on the website or call a regional representative.

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