The iconic Eurail Passes go digital for the first time in history!, Europe


The iconic Eurail Passes go digital for the first time in history!

The Eurail pass has been serving people since its foundation in 1959. These passes are iconic and a kind of souvenir to take back home as it’s a quintessential European travel experience. But now, the passes have gone digital for the first time in 60 years. These passes offer flexible rail bookings and lets passengers enjoy all its network connecting 33 European countries.

But given the current situation, the paper passbooks that were used as tickets are getting a makeover and are going paperless.

These digital Eurail passes will be made now online and to celebrate this new change, Eurail is offering travellers a 20 per cent discount on Global Passes and select One-country Passes through January 4, 2021.

Travellers can access the pass through the Rail Planner App. The app will also assist travellers through their entire journey as the app will provide all the information about train schedules, discounts and all the attractions from across the continent.

Being updated with the latest technology is the need of the hour, given the deadly and highly contagious outbreak of Coronavirus. The digital tests have been done and tested, and now Eurail is all set to go digital.

What’s an Eurail pass?

An Eurail pass allows people to travel through 33 European countries on nearly all railroads. The tickets also cover famous shipping lines and are provided only to non-European residents while for European residents. The Interrail Pass was introduced in 1972. The passes provide access to 250000 km of European railway.

These paper passes have gone digital. Before this, people had to pre-order the Eurail passes through the mail or printed at home, which was a challenging task for road trippers.

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