The famous Louvre Museum is all set to reopen in July, but without the Mona Lisa crowd, France


The famous Louvre Museum is all set to reopen in July, but without the Mona Lisa crowd

The famous Louvre Museum in France is all set to reopen in the month of July. Home to the renowned Mona Lisa portrait by Leonardo da Vinci, the museum remains crowded every time of the year. But post COVID-19, the experience is going to be completely different for visitors.

After the museum reopens, the museum authorities are not expecting any foreign crowd given the current situation. Also, a lot of things will be different now. Visitors will have to maintain social distancing to avoid the risk of getting infected.

So after being shut for four long months, the museum will open minus one prominent feature, which is the heaving crowd pressing and pushing one another to get a proper view of the Mona Lisa!

Jean-Luc Martinez, director of the museum said 45000 sq m of galleries with 30,000 works will reopen as of now. This means maintaining a proper physical distance from each other won’t be a difficult task for visitors.

He said, “It’s not somewhere where you’re going to be crushed up against each other.”

The workers are giving final touches to the world’s most visited museum. There will be disinfecting hand sanitizer dispensers everywhere. Also, visitors will need to book a visit and they will be allocated visiting time slots accordingly. There will be a one-way system, and also sign boards reminding people to maintain one metre distance. Wearing a mask is compulsory.

Pre-COVID days were completely different. As per records, the museum used to receive nearly a million visitors every month during summers among which three quarters were foreigners.

According to Martinez, because of the Coronavirus lockdown, the museum had to suffer a whooping 40 million euros (nearly INR 3,39,21,95,379) loss (includes ticket revenue, cancelled events and shop sales)!

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