Sweden to launch night trains to Germany and Belgium


Sweden to launch night trains to Germany and Belgium

Sweden is soon going to launch night trains to Germany and Belgium, to the cities of Hamburg and Brussels respectively. The new network will add to the existing overnight network of trains in Europe, and the project is to be completed by August 1, 2022. The transport authority of Sweden is now working on the carriages, and also planning timetables for the service.

The reports coming in from Sweden suggest that the train from Stockholm will stop at Hamburg because it is unable to go through the busy network inside Germany. The other train going to Brussels, Belgium, will leave the Swedish city of Malmo. As of now, Sweden already has a night train that goes to Norway and, of course, covers domestic destinations.

Sweden to launch night trains to Germany and Belgium

Sweden has been a great advocate for environment change, and was even in the forefront of the flight shame movement. Currently, low-cost air travels are all the rage, but they contribute to a deteriorating environment. With these night train networks, the nation is giving citizens and travellers a more environment-friendly option to travel. Night trains in Europe are slowly returning to their once popular position, and could be a preferred choice of travel in the future.

Other parts of Europe are also working on similar night trains. The transport secretary of France recently unveiled plans to start trains from Paris to NIce. Furthermore, Vienna and Brussels began a new night service train in January this year.

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