Special hats in this Paris art gallery will help maintain social distancing


Special hats in this Paris art gallery will help maintain social distancing

An art gallery in Paris has implemented the use of special hats as a step towards social distancing. The idea for these hats have come from ancient China’s Song dynasty. These hats have winged extensions that visitors are required to wear, thus helping to maintain a distance of three feet from each other. Lockdown in Paris was eased after eight weeks in the month of May, and the city is following COVID-19 regulations just like the rest of France.

History has it that the first emperor of the Song dynasty had ordered officials to wear such winged hats. The reason? To stop them from participating in gossiping, as they could easily be heard if they did. According to Dominique Pouzol, the designer of these latest hats, these hats prevented officials from whispering.

Pouzol even went to the extent of giving these hats some political and social messages. So, you have hats painted in the colours of the rainbow as a tribute to gay rights. These are papier-mache hats that come in various colours, and they look promising.

People who do not like social gatherings, and small-talks, can also enjoy wearing these hats, while ensuring that they are safe from the virus.

France has had a total of 170,132 cases of coronavirus, and 29,155 deaths.

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