Some shops in Dubai given permission to re-open for Ramadan shopping, Dubai


Some shops in Dubai given permission to re-open for Ramadan shopping

The authorities in Dubai have announced that some stores will re-open for Ramadan shopping in the city for the convenience of fast observers. Stores selling meat, vegetables, fruits, nuts, chocolate and sweets are given permission to remain open from 8 AM in the morning to 8 PM in the evening. Coffee and tea trading stores in the city will also be operative during this time.

Ramadan, which as per the calendar, will begin on April 23 and end on May 23 (dates may vary). During this time, Dubai authorities will try their best to keep people motivated and pull up the festive spirit. For this, the Dubai Economy has allowed food outlets to remain open.

However, all these stores have been advised to adhere to Coronavirus preventive measures, which is a must. Sanitisation and social distancing are supposed to be followed by all. Also, the authorities would keep a regular check to ensure that basic measures are being taken.

According to a tweet by Dubai Economy, move permits would be provided only to the following vendors:

Meat Trading
Fruits and vegetables

Fish trading
Coffee trading
Tea trading

In shopping malls, only chocolate and nut trading shops would remain open.

As of now, UAE has registered 4521 COVID-19 positive cases and 25 deaths. Among this, 851 people have recovered too.

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