Singapore to start accepting COVID-19 digital pass


Singapore to start accepting COVID-19 digital pass

Singapore will start allowing visitors who use a mobile travel pass, containing digital certificates, for COVID-19 tests and vaccines. This was recently announced by Singapore’s aviation regulator, thereby becoming one of the world’s first countries to adopt such an initiative.

As per the reports, Singapore will now start accepting the International Air Transport Association (IATA) mobile travel pass for pre-departure checks, which will enable travelers to get clearance, to enter and fly to Singapore by showing a smartphone application that will have all their data from accredited laboratories.

Reportedly, the pass has been successfully tested by Singapore Airlines, whereas more than 20 carriers, including Qatar Airways, Emirates, and Malaysia Airlines, are also testing the pass.

Singapore to start accepting COVID-19 digital pass

Referring to this, Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore Director-General Kevin Shum issued a statement referring to the country’s Changi Airport stated as they are making efforts to safely rebuild Changi airhub. The authorities will continue to explore other solutions that can provide similarly secure and verifiable means of sharing health certificates for safe international travel.

Further, IATA Director General Willie Walsh stated, “The success of our joint efforts will make IATA’s partnership with the government of Singapore a model for others to follow.”

Reports have it that airlines are expecting more countries to start approving digital passes on apps to ensure travel is resumed faster and avoid delays and complications at airports, where multiple checks are required on documents.

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