Singapore to extend partial lockdown till June 1 due to surge in COVID-19 positive cases, Singapore


Singapore to extend partial lockdown till June 1 due to surge in COVID-19 positive cases

Singapore is all set to extend its partial lockdown till June 1 considering the increase in the number of COVID-19 positive cases. The news was announced by Singapore PM Lee Hsien Loong during his fourth national address on the pandemic crisis. The extension means that all the offices in the island city-state will remain closed until further notice and only essential services will be allowed to operate.

The PM said that some hotspots such as market areas still remain a problem as people still gather in large numbers despite several measures and warnings. He also mentioned that people will be disappointed by the “extension of the circuit breaker, especially our businesses and workers, who are hurting greatly”.

On a positive note, he said that he hopes that everyone will understand the current situation and that the lockdown extension is only to stamp out the virus and revive their economy. He further said that the number of unlinked cases has not come down yet, which means there is a chance of “hidden reservoir” of community cases in the nation.

The last he addressed the country was on April 3, where the government asked people to maintain social distance to limit the spread of the deadly Coronavirus. Since then, Singapore noticed a rapid downfall in new cases. But the cases of COVID-19 positive cases have shot up in migrant worker dormitories, given the crowded living conditions.

The PM, in his televised speech, said the government is ready to introduce new measures to take care of migrant workers who are largely being affected by the virus. He said, “the migrant workers, let me emphasise again, we will care for you like we care for Singaporeans”.

He not only thanked all the workers but also assured them that the government will take care of their overall well-being and they will make sure they get paid, and can send money home.

The emergency action was taken after 1111 new cases were confirmed in Singapore on Tuesday by the Health Ministry. The most shocking part was that only 20 among the infected were Singaporeans and permanent residents. With these new cases, the number of active cases has reached 9125 in Singapore with 11 deaths so far.

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