Singapore Airlines to offer ‘Flights to Nowhere’ with several other incentives


Singapore Airlines to offer ‘Flights to Nowhere’ with several other incentives

Most of the airlines are offering benefits and discounts to lure travellers to venture out and travel again even as COVID-19 hasn’t ended yet. And then, there are some that are offering innovative ways to enjoy the idea of travel and yet avoid the risk of actual travel. The latest airline to come up with such an exclusive offer is the Singapore Airlines. Latest reports state that in order to find out ways to get people to fly again, Singapore Airlines is now offering round-trip flights that arrive and depart at the same destination.

Reportedly, Singapore Airlines is planning to launch its Flights to Nowhere initiative by late October. These will be essentially 3-hour flights, and will provide sightseeing trips to passengers. As per the reports, these flights will likely take off and land at Singapore’s Changi Airport. Singapore Airlines is expected to make announcements regarding these flights soon.

Referring to this, an official in the know-how stated that the flights would likely include staycations at Singapore hotels, limousine ferry rides, and come with shopping vouchers too.

Singapore Airlines to offer ‘Flights to Nowhere’ with several other incentives

However, Singapore Airlines will not be the first aircraft carrier to offer such flights to nowhere. Earlier, some airlines have also experimented with this, and it has been witnessed that people are paying to take them. Singapore Airlines, which is routinely ranked among the world’s best, has been hit hard by the COVID pandemic, is now looking for ways to bail out.

As of now, although there is no official announcement regarding this, an airlines spokesperson stated that along with the flights to nowhere, they are also considering offering various incentives to engage the public.

Currently, it’s not a widespread phenomenon; however, most airlines are being added to the list of Flights to Nowhere by the day, allowing those with itchy feet to enjoy an opportunity to fly without taking the risk of travel.

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