Should you plan a summer vacation this year?


Should you plan a summer vacation this year?

As Spring comes to a close, there is that inevitable question of a summer vacation. But given the state of the world right now, summer holiday 2020 looks bleak. In fact, with cases of COVID-19 returning for a second time, we are left wondering if at all we will be able to travel the rest of 2020. Now, the head of European Union’s executive branch has suggested that people should not book for summer vacations as the atmosphere is uncertain.

As we all know, airlines throughout the world are grounded, borders sealed, and cities under lockdown. During this time it is anybody’s guess as to when we will be able to travel once again. Also with European nations being the worst hit, a Euro vacation this summer seems impossible.

Should you plan a summer vacation this year?

Ursula von der Leyen, President, European Commission, said that she would advise people to wait before making any travel plans. She rightly said that no one is able to give a reliable forecast for July and August.

Certain experts are even saying that there will be no normal travel going on for quite some time, that could also mean the whole of 2020. It completely depends on how well we are able to flatten the curve, and manage to stay clear of the virus in the coming days.

As of now, Sweden, the only European country to not have a lockdown, has also started a low-scale lockdown as the number of deaths increase in the country. The country has banned gatherings of more than 50 people, and has closed schools, and universities. Those over 70 years of age have been asked to self-isolate as they are at a greater risk of the virus.

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