Seychelles to reopen from August 1 for tourists, know more


Seychelles to reopen from August 1 for tourists, know more

The East African paradise of Seychelles, with its 115 islands, is going to reopen for tourism from August 1. If you have been dreaming of travelling to Seychelles and could not because of the lockdown, here is your chance. The Seychelles coronavirus situation in control right now, as no new cases of infection, or new deaths have been reported. In fact, the nation did not have any deaths related to Coronavirus.

Travelling to Seychelles may be on the cards, but not for all. There are certain rules to be followed when it comes to entering Seychelles. First and foremost, only travellers from countries that are at low, or medium risk will be permitted to fly in from August 1.

Seychelles to reopen from August 1 for tourists, know more

As of now, the low risk countries are Japan, New Zealand, Thailand, China, Belgium, and Norway. On the other hand, medium risk countries include South Korea, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Italy, Greece, Canada, and Spain. Visitors from both these countries will need to provide a negative Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) test. However, the ones with the low risk group can also opt for an antigen test, but the same does not apply for the medium risk group.

Once you have arrived in Seychelles, you cannot stay in more than two places of accommodation for the first seven days. Also, you are not permitted to book any private residences during your stay. You can only book hotels and resorts that have gotten the approval of the Public Health Authority.

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