RV Covers for the Hot Days of Summer


When December arrives, many RVers head home to celebrate the holidays with family and friends. During the winter months RVing slows down while people wait out the winter but the “snow bird RVer” has the luxury of heading south for the winter to enjoy the warmer temperatures in Florida, Arizona, and Mexico. The “snow birds” have discovered how to have the best of both worlds. They leave their extremely cold year round home and head south where they store and use their RV as a winter getaway home to enjoy the warmth of the South. These snow birds fly south to their RV park right after the holidays to enjoy the warm winters until the snow is gone in their northern home.

When the snow melts and it is time to leave their winter home, the Snow bird RVer wants to leave their motorhome, fifth wheel or travel trailer protected with an RV slip cover that will keep their winter home clean and free from dust & dirt and dings & scratches. They want a storage cover that is water repellent and will protect their recreational vehicle from the occasional southern rain storms, but most importantly the “Snow bird” RVer needs to find a cover that can withstand the harsh UV rays of the sun that will destroy their RV’s exterior while they are back home.

There are only two RV covers that can provide summer heat and UV protection for the motor home, fifth wheel, or travel trailer. All the rest will disintegrate from the extreme temperatures. A slip on dust cover (like the Traveler or the Poly Pro 1) will protect the RV for a while but it will be in shreds all around your trailer when you return. This type of cover cannot stand up to the extreme heat that your RV will encounter while you are away. The three ply top / single ply sided covers (like the Poly Pro 3 Deluxe or the Expedition) claim to give all weather protection but they also will not be able to handle the heat. They might still be covering your RV when you get to your southern home but most likely only parts of the cover will be still covering your RV. If you invest your money in any of these covers you will be replacing the cover every year.

What you need is the protection of best cover that will not disintegrate after 6-8 months of exposure to UV rays. The two covers that can stand up to the heat are the Goldline RV cover and the PermaPRO RV cover. The Goldline RV Cover is made by Eevelle in Carlsbad, California. The Goldline cover is a made to order RV cover that comes in two colors: desert tan or silver cloud grey. Since it is a semi-custom, made to order motorhome or trailer cover it will take up to 4 weeks before it can be delivered to your southern address. This Goldline trailer cover is rated the #1 RV cover by customers and dealers alike. These RV storage covers are made of a strong yet supple fabric that will outlast all other RV covers. The Goldline cover is made of a water resistant extra plush Tru-Weave fabric with a Durapel finish that provides super duty UV protection and the Goldline cover is backed with the longest, best 5 year warranty.

The PermaPro RV cover is distributed by Classic Accessories in Kent, Washington. The PermaPRO cover is made of the newest extra-strength ripstop fabric, the first RV cover fabric to claim to be tear resistant. Not only is it tear resistant but it also repels water, protects against sun damage by blocking the UV rays, and even provides snow protection if needed. The PermaPRO cover is also available for the extra tall RV that stands a little taller than the usual 9 ft RV. An extra height RV cover is required by those Class A and 5th wheel RVs that stand up to11 ft tall. The PermaPRO cover, like the lower end RV covers, gives your RV dirt, dust, and scratch protection, and it is protected by a 4 year warranty.

As winter slowly melts away and the warmer days of spring arrive, the time will come for the Snow birds to begin to prepare to fly back north to the confines of your year round home. Remember if you want to truly give your trailer the best RV cover with the best UV protection, you will need to spend a few bucks more and purchase the Goldline RV cover or the PermaPRO RV cover. Those are the only two RV trailer covers that will still be protecting your RV when you return to your winter stomping grounds next year.

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