Rise in day temperature plays spoilsport for ice skating in Shimla


Rise in day temperature plays spoilsport for ice skating in Shimla

Ice skating enthusiasts waiting to enjoy their favourite sport in Shimla natural rink will have to wait for the right temperature to set in.

According to the latest reports, the rise in Shimla’s temperature has delayed the ice skating season at in Shimla which has Asia’s biggest natural rink. The maximum temperatures have reached 17°C to 20°C instead of the usual 6°C and 10°C which is conducive to the freezing of ice.

The ice skating season begins by the end of November or in the beginning of December and goes on till mid-February. But the maximum temperature in Shimla stayed between 17.2°C and 19.8°C in the last few days which spoiled the plans of skaters looking forward to hit the rink.

Bhuvnesh Banga, Secretary, Shimla Ice Skating Club, told a leading daily that night spray for freezing ice is being performed, but due to high day temperatures it has proved to be a fruitless exercise. A light layer of ice was formed on Saturday, and it would allow the skating season to begin in the next few days if the night temperature dips.

Rise in day temperature plays spoilsport for ice skating in Shimla

Banga also told the daily that modalities have been taken care of to deal with the rush of visitors and all safety measures related to use of common changing rooms with the prescribed COVID guidelines.
In addition, due approval of the district administration will be taken starting the ice skating session based on the guidelines of the Union Ministry of Home Affairs.News has it that global warming, indiscriminate cutting of trees and improper constructions near the rink, along with pollution due to the nearby bus stand, have increased the temperature of Shimla, and therefore, the number of ice skating sessions have been lessening.

The ray of hope to salvage ice skating in Shimla is the INR 18-crore project of the Tourism Department to transform the natural rink into a semi-artificial rink. The international-level project has been sanctioned and INR 8 crore has been allocated already.

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