Rio’s world-famous carnival postponed for the first time in a century


Rio’s world-famous carnival postponed for the first time in a century

In the wake of Coronavirus, many popular festivals have gone virtual, while a lot stay cancelled. The pandemic has brought about a change in many aspects; borders of many countries are still shut, festivals have been cancelled, with tourism and travelling affected the most. The latest one to bite the bullet is Brazil’s famous Samba Carnival.

Reportedly, Brazil has decided to postpone the world-famous samba carnival parade. This announcement was made by the samba schools that organise the event in Rio de Janeiro. It is for the first time in a century that the Samba Carnival has been postponed.

Referring to this, the Independent League of Rio de Janeiro Samba Schools (LIESA) issued a statement that it’s not a cancellation, and that they are just postponing it for now. They added that they are now looking for an alternative solution, something they can do when it’s safe to contribute to the city.

The samba schools informed that the event might likely not take place until a vaccine for the virus is found. The announcement is in line with a warning that was issued in July, which stated that festivities will not take place until there is a vaccine available.

Reports state that although Brazil is one of the most COVID-affected countries in the world, postponing the event will only worsen the situation as the event attracts tonnes of visitors from around the world. Also, due to the spread of the Coronavirus, it is impossible to safely hold the traditional parades, which are a source of livelihood for many.

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