Norway is building a new whale museum in the shape of a whale tail, Norway


Norway is building a new whale museum in the shape of a whale tail

Norway is already home to some spectacular architectural marvels, and now the country is all set to add another equally mind-blowing wonder. The new entry is the whale museum that will be built on the southern coast of Norway in the shape of a whale tail coming out from water! This museum is basically a beautiful coastal viewpoint and an educational center where people can get an insight into the marine life of the country.

The breathtaking architecture is designed by Danish architectural studio Dorte Mandrup.
The Whale, in Andenes on the island of Andøya, is being built in the seaside village which is renowned for being home to different whale species.

Every year, tourists visit the destination in big numbers to enjoy whale-watching opportunities. From whale watching to whale feeding, tourists can indulge in several interesting activities here.

The best time to spot pilot, minke, and sperm whales near Andenes is between June and August. One can easily spot these varieties of whales during this time of the year. To watch orcas and the famous humpback whales, who pass the sea here during their migratory sojourns, visit the place during the chilly winter months.

Norway is building a new whale museum in the shape of a whale tail

Whale-watchers will be able to enjoy all beautiful sea creatures in action from the curved rooftop of the museum. Founder and creative director Dorte Mandrup informed local media that the design of the museum is inspired by nothing but its natural surroundings. He said, “The landscape above and under the water is one continuous skin, making the surface of the water the only division between above and below.”
The museum will feature whale-related artifacts in its exhibition room. There will be a cafe, and a store too.

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