New seats for passengers who refuse to wear mask in this Russian airline, Russia


New seats for passengers who refuse to wear mask in this Russian airline

In an interesting turn of events, Aeroflot, a Russian airline, has decided to designate specific seats in planes for those who refuse to wear masks. Aeroflot is Russia’s largest airline and it has a policy wherein all on-board passengers must wear face masks.

Yulia Spivakova, a spokeswoman for the airline, said that it is very important for them to ensure passengers safety. Sometimes, there are passengers who refuse and do not obey these guidelines, and because they can’t stop a plane midair and kick out such passengers, Aeroflot decided to designated seats on each flight for such travellers.

Spivakova further added, “[This] does not exclude the application of other measures of liability for violation of the rules for the use of personal protective equipment on board”.

Apparently, mask policies differ from airlines to airlines. Carriers often make their own rules and enforce them onto people. Also, Russia is not the first country where mask regulations have created issues.

Before this, several such incidents have been reported in the United States wherein passengers refused to wear masks. In July 2020, a flight returned to the gate at Denver International Airport, when passengers started claiming it was their “Constitutional right” not to wear one.

In August 2020, following the flight attendants and passengers tiff, Delta Air Lines announced lifetime bans on those who refused to wear masks. Sometime back, two passengers were asked to leave the plane in Japan for not wearing masks.

Therefore, Aeroflot has come up with a solution. Though the airline has not yet said anything about punishing or barring the offenders yet.

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