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Instead of chocolate, flowers, jewelry or champagne, choose a gift that will make your spouse, partner or significant other have an easier time and think of you fondly during their business trips! These presents are also perfect to congratulate someone special on a new job that will involve frequent travel. How to Get There: Puerto Galera is pretty easy to get to from Manila by car and only takes about three hours. Simply drive through South Luzon Expressway, turn right to STAR Tollgate and then head to Batangas Pier. When you get there, you can either park your car and ride a ferry going to Puerto Galera or have your car ride a RoRo (roll on, roll off) ship so you can take your car with you to Puerto Galera.

It’s actually a surfer’s paradise. Adrenaline seekers from around the globe enjoy the large waves that form at Cloud Nine Reef, driven by winds that flow uninterrupted over the Pacific Ocean. This reef is where the annual Siargao surfing cup is held.Travel

The Snooze Box is homebuilt. Built by Gene Gallipau in 1989, it is completely different than any other teardrop out there and very well known. We had not had it long when we went to the 1st International Teardrop Gathering in Minden, Nebraska. We were in the Rocky Mountain State Park in Colorado when a car pulled up to us and asked us if it was the Gallipau trailer. They were from Oregon, we are from California and it was a very strange experience. They were also teardroppers on their way to the Gathering and knew Gene and the teardrop from rallies in Washington State.

I feel I should point out that the photo at the top of this post might imply my impending custody in a Korean jail. I have to tell you that nothing could be further from the truth. I found Korean policemen to be the nicest law enforcement agency that I have ever encountered. This gives me a closing thought, one that I also mention in the book. It doesn’t matter if you don’t speak a word of the same language; nearly all people in this world are innately kind and generous to strangers. Don’t be put off travel by what you read in the newspapers.

Do watch out for activities that are advised against for people with back pain or disc problems. It is often in the small print so be careful. Ask in advance of booking trips how long you will be sat in a coach or car so you can plan accordingly. If it helps you take a lumbar support or small pillow with you to make you more comfortable.

This was extremely useful, thanks for posting it. As a bit of an anxious cat mummy of two, I didn’t really want to be apart from my cats on such a long and stressful journey. I don’t like the idea of dumping my cats in cargo, like a suitcase. I’m worried if I did that, something terrible would happen, like the temperature dropping dangerously low. Suitcases and clothes can be replaced, my cats can’t!

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