London is building Marble Arch Hill at the corner of Hyde Park


London is building Marble Arch Hill at the corner of Hyde Park

Amidst an intensified Coronavirus in the UK, London now has a new way to bring visitors to the city centre. The city is temporarily installing a hill in central London this summer that is going to give a new perspective on Hyde Park and Marble Arch. The hollowed out mountain, called Marble Arch Hill, is set to redefine the connection between Hyde Park, and Oxford Street. Visitors to this new installation will be able to get views of the surrounding areas.

The idea for the installation of his 25 m tall structure has come into play as the Westminster City Council plans to recreate an interest in the area after the COVID-19 pandemic has deteriorated its conditions.

London is building Marble Arch Hill at the corner of Hyde Park

The Marble Arch was designed by John Nash back in 1828, and it once marked the corner of Hyde Park. All that changed in the 1960s when new roads were added. The new design by MVRDV will reintroduce the park-like landscape full of trees, and grass.

The new installation will have a way to climb for visitors to the viewpoint up its southern slope. Thereafter, there is going to be a descend into a hall that is a hollowed-out space. This space will be used for exhibitions, events, and other such activities.

According to Dutch architect Winy Maas, who is the founding partner of the MVRDV, this project is a great opportunity to give this famous location some impulse. He says, “It’s a location full of contradictions, and our design highlights that. By adding this landscape element, we make a comment on the urban layout of the Marble Arch, and by looking to the site’s history, we make a comment on the area’s future.”

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