Karnataka tweaks quarantine rules for travellers, issues new guidelines


Karnataka tweaks quarantine rules for travellers, issues new guidelines

The Karnataka state government has recently tweaked the Coronavirus testing protocols. It has now issued fresh guidelines and laid out new quarantine rules for people coming to the state from other countries and states.

Referring to this, state Health Minister B Sriramulu stated that the state government has now decided to do away with the institutional quarantine measures for people coming from Maharashtra, and that they will now need to follow strict home quarantine for 14 days, for which their houses will also be sealed. Local organisations will be providing food kits to all those houses sealed, whereas returnees showing symptoms, will be tested immediately.

The minister added that the movements of those people will also be monitored with the help of ASHA workers, police, and home guards. The Minister also mentioned that the Deputy Commissioner will be in charge of managing the people entering the state from other states.

Rules for business travelers travelling to Karnataka from other states for a short period of time have been relaxed. This rule, issued on Monday, states that if someone is coming to the state for business purposes and is supposed to stay in Karnataka for 48 hours, the said person can be exempted from the COVID-19 test and quarantine; however, he is expected to follow all the other precautionary measures, such as using hand sanitizers, wearing masks, etc.

Karnataka tweaks quarantine rules for travellers, issues new guidelines

However, if a person is travelling to the state for business purposes, and has to stay here for more than 48 hours, but less than 7 day, he will need to go through COVID-19 test on arrival, and will be allowed to move only after a negative test report. As per the said order, a business traveler will not be required to go under quarantine and COVID-19 tests, if he is able to show a test report that is not more than two days old, and states he has tested negative for COVID-19. In another move, those travelling from Karnataka to other States for business purposes and returning within four days, need not undergo tests or follow quarantine measures when they return. They should, however, report their health status on the Apthamitra helpline for 14 days.

Transit travellers need to have a ticket that is not more than a day old, and if they are travelling via road, they will be required to provide address proof of their destination and will be stamped.

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