Karnataka tourism minister seeks to restart hotels


Karnataka tourism minister seeks to restart hotels

After restaurants and hotels in Karnataka threatened the state government of stopping takeaways and food delivery services if they are not given the approval to restart operations, Karnataka Tourism Minister CT Ravi has said that hotels should be allowed to reopen albeit conditionally.

As reported by the TOI, considering the circumstances in case hotels are not permitted to reopen by May 25, it would lead to inconvenience for people who would be travelling to the state on business trips etc. due to lack of spaces to stay and eat.

Reportedly, Ravi said that restarting operations of domestic flights will give rise to the need for hotels to arrange accommodation for air travellers. Therefore, hotels should be allowed to reopen conditionally.

Karnataka tourism minister seeks to restart hotels

Ravi also told the press that the tourism industry is 100 per cent flat due to the conditions brought about by extended lockdown in India.

Furthermore, the ministry has reportedly prepared a plan to promote tourism in the state in a phase-wise manner. To begin with, native tourism will be promoted, followed by inter-district tourism, intra-state tourism and international tourism at last.

Meanwhile, the sweet and confectionery makers in Karnataka are facing a decline in business revenue due to the migration of labourers that work at producing kilos of local desserts.

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