Is it really safe to travel in India during the pandemic?


Is it really safe to travel in India during the pandemic?

As countries begin to open after remaining in lockdown for some months, restrictions are getting relaxed, thereby opening avenues for travel. But is it really wise to travel during the pandemic? This question might be haunting you in some way or the other. Well, there is no absolute or easy answer to this.

Airlines in India are back into action, as on May 25, the Indian Government allowed domestic airlines to resume operations across the country. As regarding international travel, we need to wait for some time as it is yet to get the green flag.

Now, the decision to travel during the pandemic is entirely your choice, along with your responsibility to ensure your personal safety. Some states have quarantine rules in place, which you also need to check before planning your travel. Further, you need to check if the state you are travelling to, is allowing flights from your state or not.
As India entered the Unlock 2.0 phase, more and more people are gearing up to embrace the new normal, and hence, venturing out to travel.

Now, which mode of travel should be your safest bet, and what you should consider before travelling?

Things to remember before venturing out

Is it really safe to travel in India during the pandemic?

No matter what, it should be noted that no amount of preventive methods can offer you the guarantee of safety while travelling, including the flight. A reason why it is all the more important to weigh all your options before boarding a flight, such as assessing your age, medical history, and other risk factors. Even if you follow all the precautionary measures, you cannot deny the fact that the risk of exposure will always be there.

As of now, it is advisable to stay at home if travel at this point of time can be avoided.

Which mode of travel is safer?

Is it really safe to travel in India during the pandemic?

Noting that almost all the states are reporting rises in Coronavirus cases, your chance of getting infected and spreading the virus becomes high. However, the precautions that Indian airlines are taking for the safety of passengers are noteworthy, and one can choose to avoid coming in contact with people. At present, air travel seems to be the safest option.

Following are the precautionary measures taken by the Indian airlines

As per the new directive from the government, all passengers are required to install the Aarogya Setu app on their phones, which the airlines will also check. Apart from this, the airline companies have added a host of other precaution measures to make your air travel safe, such as introducing face shields for passengers.

Is it really safe to travel in India during the pandemic?

The flying crew will wear PPE kits for their safety, as all as the passengers; regular cleaning and disinfection of high-touch points, such as seat handles, food trays, overhead bins, and doorknobs, etc., will also be done.

Temperature checking is carried out at all entry points of the airports, whereas self-check-in and remote bag drops is the new mandate now to ensure clustering of people is avoided. Moreover, no meals will be served on-board.

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