Indian Railways to run two military-special trains on April 17, 18


Indian Railways to run two military-special trains on April 17, 18

While all the train services, barring goods train services, have been temporarily suspended by the Indian Railways, the national train operator will now run two military-special trains to ferry army personnel from Bengaluru to Jammu and Guwahati.

News has it that the military trains will run on April 17 – 18 to provide immediate help to the operation demands of Northern and Eastern borders India during the lockdown.

Reportedly, the Bengaluru – Belgaum – Secunderabad – Ambala – Jammu will depart on April 17, Friday, at 10 AM. On the other hand, the Bengaluru – Belgaum – Secunderabad – Goplapur – Howrah – New Jalpaiguri will leave on April 18, Saturday.

The trains will be equipped with 24 coaches and a pantry car to serve timely meals to more than 1000 army personnel, who will be leaving from Bengaluru for serving in different parts of India.

Indian Railways to run two military-special trains on April 17, 18

The army personnel have been through a compulsory quarantine period, while some of them have been declared medically sound to rejoin their duty.

On the other hand, the non-AC coaches of the trains have been sanitised well and the passengers will be following social distancing rules even during travel.

Meanwhile, only freight services trains are being operated to ensure smooth supply of essential goods to various parts of India.

Northern Railway and Zonal Railways have extended the operations of Parcel Cargo Express trains on 65 routes till May 2020 to transport essential items such as medical supplies and equipment, food in small parcels etc.

At the same time, the railways have been making personal protective equipment (PPE) to support health workers and other support staff. Free meals are also being made and served across different base kitchens owned by the IRCTC in India.

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