Indian Railways reveals post-COVID coach prototype


Indian Railways reveals post-Corona coach, this is what is in order

If you have been wondering what the world of travelling would be like once COVID-19 ends or regular travel operations resume, this is something for you. The Indian Railways has unveiled a prototype of its railway coach, labelling it as Post Covid Coach. The design is new and hints at safer travel in the future, reducing chances of infection.

The design for this post-COVID coach by the Indian Railways was revealed by Minister of Railways Piyush Goel, as he took to social media to announce the same.

The design plan has new features, including handsfree water dispensers, soap dispensers, washroom facilities, toilet gates that require no hand touch and more. The coach design also has copper coated handles in place, which is believed to reduce the risk of infection. The seating material used in this post-Covid coach will come coated with titanium di-oxide, and the coaches would be fitted with plasma air-purifiers.

Indian Railways reveals post-Corona coach, this is what is in order

It is reported that the coaches would be both AC and non-AC and the production for the same has already started at the Kapurthala Rail Coach Factory. The new design is aimed to instil a sense of security in the passengers.

It has to be noted that the country boasts of a mammoth rail network, and Indian Railways is the fourth largest railway network in the world. It spans a length of 68,155 km as of March 2019, and is the lifeline of common passenger movement in the country. COVID outbreak led to a break on all passenger operations, halting the massive transport facility.

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