Handrail Safety: How Defending Handrails Saves Builders Time and Funds


In two-tale household development, handrails and balustrades are one of the most common fixtures ruined. Dings, scratches, and splatters may possibly happen from drywall set up, shifting furniture, resource belts, building resources, and additional. The adhering to is an analysis of the area protection merchandise utilised to guard handrails and balustrades during development tasks.

A widespread technique for safety is to simply just use a plastic sheet taped in excess of the handrail. This presents no effects protection whatsoever and leaves the guardrail vulnerable to damage. This is the approach that drywall installers use to secure handrails only it is not a excellent choice for safety through the project.

An additional guardrail safety alternative is to use bubble wrap and masking tape. This is fairly effective for impression protection, but can be highly labor intensive if the job has a good deal of handrails to safeguard, these as a massive-scale apartment complicated.

Molded polystyrene foam is a molded handrail safety item which appears to be like comparable to a swimming pool noodle. It can be wrapped all-around the top handrail but leaves the balustrades unprotected. The Polystyrene foam is fantastic for influence security on the prime rail nevertheless, due to the fact the balustrades are remaining unprotected it does not get the job done to protect the complete guardrail system. This is the most high-priced handrail protection for each sq. foot.

One more alternative is an adhesive, affect-resistant bubble wrap products. This proficiently protects handrails though stopping the hazard of adhesive transfer. This solution is minimally labor intensive and qualified-hunting. An adhesive bubble wrap handrail protection can protect metallic handrails or stained/unstained wooden. Adhesive bubble performs equally perfectly on commercial and household design projects.

What about soon after development is done? Handrails may well also be broken by property owners moving household furniture up and down the stairs. A fantastic way for builders to emphasize a dedication to customer services is to leave handrail safety on whilst homeowners are moving in. Given that the property owner will will need to indication off on the condition of the handrail and other fixtures, it is very best to use a handrail security product or service that can effortlessly be removed and re-installed for the homeowner’s shift. This aids them avoid harm to their home and will increase consumer gratification.

These are just a few methods to avoid harm to handrails all through construction and renovation assignments. Utilizing surface defense is a wonderful way for builders to save time and funds by avoiding the want for substitute or restore of high priced handrails and balustrades.

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