Fresh travel guidelines for railway passengers during this second wave


Fresh travel guidelines for railway passengers during this second wave

Amidst the deadly second wave of coronavirus that is ravaging through India, railway travel has also been modified. While there is a partial lockdown in almost every state around the country, the nation’s resources are still open for essential travel. However, it is best to remain indoors during this trepid time.

The Indian Railways has released a set of guidelines for travellers, especially pertaining to certain states. If you desperately do need to take the train to go from one place to another, then keep in mind that there are certain rules that you should be following.

As per the Indian Railways guidelines, passengers now must wear masks, and if they are found to be flouting this rule, they will need to pay 500 INR fine. Additionally, you are also required to carry your own hand sanitizers, and spitting at railway premises or inside trains will also be fined. At the same time, cooked food will not be allowed to be served inside the trains.

Fresh travel guidelines for railway passengers during this second wave

Here are some rules as per the state you are travelling to

Delhi – Those travelling from the state of Maharashtra are required to show a COVID-19 negative report, and every passenger must be under home quarantine for a period of 14 days.

Maharashtra – Train passes will be handed to government personnel on the basis of their government identity card. Medical professionals too will get train passes, and this includes lab technicians. Anybody booking long-distance trains will be stamped on the hand indicating 14 days of quarantine, at any station where they alight. Thermal screening will also be done at the stations, and also inside the trains. Those travelling in outstation trains cannot travel in local trains.

Kerala – Passengers are required to carry RT-PCR test reports, and on the other hand travellers can also opt for a test at the stations. You must be under home quarantine for 14 days.

Uttar Pradesh – Those coming in from Maharashtra and Kerala are now required to carry an RT-PCR report 72 hours before travel. Once again, 14 days of home quarantine is a must.

Jammu and Kashmir – Passengers arriving by train must have an RT-PCR test report in hand.

Chhattisgarh – A test on arrival can be opted by travellers, or else you must carry a negative RT-PCR test report.

Himachal Pradesh – All passengers from Punjab, Delhi, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Karnataka, Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh are required to carry an RT-PCR negative report. Such a report must have been done within 72 hours of travelling.

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