Forest fire rages on in Bandhavgarh National Park


Forest fire rages on in Bandhavgarh National Park

Bandhavgarh National Park, one of the largest biospheres in India, is currently on fire. The forest fire rages on and it threatens to cause severe damages. Locals, on the other hand , have said that not enough has been done to control the fire. The fire broke out in isolated places on Monday, and spread across six forest ranges.

The forest fire could have dire consequences for wildlife. Tigers are integral to the national park, and are probably already affected due to the fire that rages. The national park is spread across 100 sq km, and is located in the Vindhya Hills. The forest is known to have about 7-8 tigers per sq km. It is a favourite among wildlife enthusiasts. In 1968, it was declared as a national park, and then a reserve in 1993.

At present, the cause for forest fires is thought to be man-made during the Holi holidays. The forest fire has been spreading violently due to the bamboo clumps, and heat-wave conditions in this region.

According to Field Director, Wincent Rahim, “We too are surprised how fire can start at multiple places. All efforts are being made to bring the fire under control.”

Reports suggest that areas such as Panpatha, Tala, Khitoli, and Manpur have been affected by the fire, while it has been spreading from one part to another. It has also come to the attention of the authorities that certain wildlife species, including endangered ones have been affected by the fire. Thus, directing towards a catastrophe in the forests of Bandhavgarh.

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