Fiji gets rid of COVID-19


Fiji gets rid of COVID-19

Fiji has announced that it has become Coronavirus free after the Pacific island nation treated its last known infected patient, thereby continuing the Pacific’s remarkable record of success against the COVID-19 virus.

When the island nation reported its first Coronavirus case, there was panic among Fiji’s 930000 population. However, with border controls and strict isolation measures, Fiji has managed to contain the spread of Coronavirus.

Fiji Prime Minister Frank Bainimarama attributed this result to ‘answered prayers, hard work, and affirmation of science. Referring to this, the Prime Minister tweeted, “Fiji has just cleared the last of our active COVID-19 patients. He added, “And even with our testing numbers climbing by the day, it’s now been 45 days since we recorded our last case. With no deaths, our recovery rate is 100 percent.”

Fiji gets rid of COVID-19

Initially, the island nation was perceived as one of the world’s most vulnerable regions because of the nation’s under-sourced health infrastructure, and varying health conditions, such as heart disease and diabetes. Earlier, it was also perceived that the island nation would turn into an incubator of infection because of its geographical location.

Amid all this, Fiji acted swiftly, and implemented some strict restrictions to shut down tourism and seal borders to protect its people. This resulted in many islands, such as the Marshall Islands, the Solomon Islands, Palau, Micronesia, Vanuatu, Cook Islands, not recording a single positive case of Coronavirus.

Despite the island nation’s success against the Coronavirus, officials are worried about a possibility of second wave of COVID-19. Therefore, the officials insisted that social-distancing restrictions will remain in place.

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