Explore Frank Llyod Wright’s architectural wonders online


Explore Frank Llyod Wright’s architectural wonders online

The works of Frank Llyod Wright, one of the greatest architects of America is now available for virtual tours for people in quarantine. The great American architect and designer, Wright has made some landmarks in the American architectural landscape. As we sit at home now, wondering when we can possibly go back out to travel, this is a good opportunity to stoke the travel bug in us and experience the works of a renowned architect.

This is also a great way to get inspired and be creative with your own home and style.

Explore Frank Llyod Wright’s architectural wonders online

Frank Llyod Wright created some iconic structures and designs over a period of 70 years, and this is especially true for the city of Chicago. You can now view almost two dozen properties that have the Frank Llyod Wright stamp on them. So, for architecture students, you can learn a lot through the tours. These online walk-throughs cover a wide range of his works, from the famous buildings to the more obscure ones; hence, it is such a great way to celebrate the man and his many works.

The project that is being called the Wright Virtual Visits project is going to be running from April 2 to July 9, 2020. You can check it out every Thursday, 1 PM, EST, and 10 AM, PST. These tours are free of charge, but you could donate at the different sites. As you can imagine, the lack of tourism is hurting the museums, so you might as well want to help them go through this stormy weather while appreciating the great works of a great architect.

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