Dalmatian Pelicans make a trip Rajasthan’s Jaisalmer for the first time


Dalmatian Pelicans make a trip Rajasthan’s Jaisalmer for the first time

The recent rains in Rajasthan have been a harbinger of a different species of tourists to the famous Jaisalmer.
Well, as per the latest reports published in the TOI, after the rains, several species of Dalmatian pelicans and other birds have been arriving in large numbers to Jaisalmer.

Some of these birds including the Dalmatian Pelicans have been seen for the first time in the region which is an interesting subject of study for wildlife enthusiasts.

Also known as Pelecanus Crispus, Dalmatian pelicans are mostly spotted in the eastern and southern areas of India, but it is their maiden trip to the western Rajasthan. They have also been seen in the Little Rann of Kutch, Gujarat. However, even before new species of birds were spotted such as falcons, kurja, mevins, and vultures, among others.

Environmentalist Radheyshyam Pemani told the TOI that the Dalmatian pelicans were witnessed at a pond near Khetolai located in Pokhran area of Jaisalmer district. The birds are identified by their white-wings, long necks and beaks used for catching fish.

In addition, the Dalmatian Pelicans also have curly fur on their head and possess dark brown legs. Only two species of this species have been seen so far.

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