COVID-19: Vadodara police installs hydrogen balloons to monitor lockdown violators


COVID-19: Vadodara police installs hydrogen balloons to monitor lockdown violators

Every state police has been coming with innovative ideas to monitor public adherence to the ongoing lockdown and also spread awareness about the gravity of Coronavirus pandemic. When such is the case, how can the Vadodara administration and police lag behind?

Well, news has it that a hydrogen balloon fitted with two cameras is being used by Vadodara police and administration to check on containment areas and thus keep a tab on the lockdown transgressor.

Reportedly, the city has been divided into four zones – Red, Orange, Yellow and Green on the basis of health examination and closeness to the sites where maximum number of cases minus any travel history have been discovered. Recently, a hydrogen balloon was placed in the Tandalja area of Vadodara, the red zone, which has been sealed for now.

The balloon has two cameras that have a range of 200 meters each. It not only offers a complete view of the area sealed, the camera is also linked to a mobile phone which makes it convenient for the police to keep a vigil on any violator.

The balloon has been outfitted with a public address system which can be used for making public announcements.

According to the news reports, the local police also have plans to install more hydrogen balloons in different parts of the city to ensure unhampered vigilance of the people.

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