Chicago to ban horse-drawn carriages from 2021


Chicago to ban horse-drawn carriages from 2021

What was once a beautiful ride through the old streets of Chicago on a horse-drawn carriage, will now cease to exist. According to latest reports, the Chicago city council has now voted to ban horse-drawn carriages in the city. This means that Chicago will not be issuing new licenses from January 1, 2021. Furthermore, existing horse-drawn carriage operators will be unable to renew their licenses.

A statement from the Chicago Alliance for Animals Executive Director, Jodie Wiederkehr, stated that the organisation is thrilled that the Chicago officials are finally going to ban this archaic, and inhumane activity. The statement also mentioned that horse-drawn carriages have been dangerous in the past that have caused deaths to both horses and humans.

A number of cities have now banned horse-drawn carriages, these include Key West, Florida; Camden, New Jersey; Salt Lake City; and Biloxi, Mississippi. In Chicago, the number of horse-drawn carriages have decreased over the years, and there are in fact only ten active licenses, as per new reports.

Chicago to ban horse-drawn carriages from 2021

In the past, Chicago had implemented certain rules and regulations that safeguarded the interests of horses. These include limiting the number of passengers in each carriage, and also disallowing tours when the temperature is under 15 degrees of over 19 degrees Fahrenheit.

However, Dr. Dennis French, a professor at the University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine, and the Vice President of the Horseman’s Council of Illinois, spoke at the city council hearing, and made a statement against the ordinance. He said, “Representatives of the Horsemen’s Council have repeatedly inspected these horses, the harnesses that are used on them and the stables where they are kept, and we have found no causes for concern. These horses are well cared for, healthy, and they like to work.”

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