Chernobyl: Candid acts of human arson spike harmful radiation levels


Chernobyl: Candid acts of human arson spike harmful radiation levels

After the 1986 nuclear meltdown, Chernobyl has largely remained isolated. Last Sunday saw a sudden surge in harmful radiation levels here. This situation has cropped up due to its proximity to forest fires, as near as 12 mi from the nuclear reactor site.

Referring to this, firefighters claimed to have successfully extinguished the fire near the spot that began during the weekend. Apparently, the reason behind the forest fire is expected to be some careless acts of local residents, who set up bushfires. As per reports, more than 100 firefighters were deployed to douse the fire.

The radiation levels showed a spike to alarming levels, 16 times the permissible levels of radiation in human-inhabited areas, till the time fires were somewhat controlled.

Chernobyl: Candid acts of human arson spike harmful radiation levels

On Monday afternoon, the official press release from the country’s Emergency Ministry mentions that the fire had engulfed about 20 ha of land around the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone, and the same is still being dealt with. Popular media is flooded with videos of firefighters trying their best to extinguish the fire, as the thick, dense cloud of smoke flanks the whole area.

Ecological Inspection Chief Yegor Firsov referred to it as bad news. He also mentioned that though the areas within the 12 mi radius are most vulnerable to the fatal radiation, the city of Kyiv, which is 60 mi away from the Chernobyl exclusion zone is within the safe and permissible levels of radioactive radiation exposure.

Ecological Inspection Chief has demanded imposition of fine and strict actions against candid acts of arson in the city. He also recommended that the present penalty should be increased manifold to keep such instances at bay.

The vegetation around Chernobyl still remains irradiated, as a result of the world’s greatest man-made disaster. And Ukraine has witnessed a spike in human-induced disasters, wherein people callously set up the forests on fire, posing greater ecological risks around Chernobyl. The Ministry of Emergency Services has also confirmed this.

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