Chennai has the most number of CCTV cameras per sqkm in the world


Chennai has the most number of CCTV cameras per sqkm in the world

In a recent study by a VPN (virtual private network) service provider Surfshack, it has been revealed that Chennai is the world’s leading city in terms of CCTV camera density. The city in the state of Tamil Nadu beat the rest of the world to emerge as the number one place with the most number of CCTV cameras.

The city of Chennai has 657 CCTV cameras per sqkm, and is in fact followed by Hyderabad with 480 cameras per sqkm. Chennai beat cities such as Beijing, and London, and came right on top of the list. Interestingly, Hyderabad beats Chennai when it comes to the total number of CCTV, as the city has a total of 2.8 lakh CCTV cameras, and Hyderabad has a 3 lakh cameras in total. In fact Chennai has less number of CCTV cameras than London (6.6 lakh), and Beijing (10.1 lakh). London has 399 cameras per sqkm, while Beijing has 278 per sqkm.

Chennai has the most number of CCTV cameras per sqkm in the world

CCTV undoubtedly plays a crucial role in solving crimes now, as with any crime the first thing that is taken into account is the CCTV camera footage.

Delhi also features in the top ten list with 289 CCTV cameras per sqkm. While Chennai has 25 cameras per 1000 people, Delhi has only 14 cameras per 1000 people. These numbers are low when compared to London, and Beijing.

The CCTV cameras certainly add to the safety of any city, however there comes the question of privacy.

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