Buy a stunning Swedish spa village for $7 million


You can buy a stunning Swedish spa village for $7 million

This piece of news is just the thing for you if you have always been fascinated by the concept of sustainable societies and utopia, much like Auroville closer home. This one comes from Sweden, where you can own an entirely functional and complete village for $7 million. While the cost is, of course, a steep one, you can definitely collaborate with some other like-minded people and co-own the space.

The said village, Sätra Brunn, is at just 90 minutes from Stockholm, so you are never far away from the essentials of a contemporary world. With the village, you will also end up owning a school, church, hotel, restaurant, spa, pool, gym and much more. The 63 ac village has been functioning as a spa town for 320 years now. It was bought in 1990 by a group of 15 people, who are now ready to hand over the reins.

You can buy a stunning Swedish spa village for $7 million

In addition to the 62 ac of village land, the buyers will also get a beautiful forested land that spreads over a massive 84 ac. The village was built in the 18th century and lies in Vastmanland County. Other than the functional amenities, you also get a chance to get up close and personal with the Swedish culture and tradition. It also offers a perfect chance for anyone interested in setting up a wellness facility, close to nature. Another interesting feature of the village is a spring that has been hailed as one with the highest purity in the nation; it also is a bottling site.

The owners are accepting bids from buyers till August 16 this year.

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