Baby born on Indigo’s Delhi-Bengaluru flight will get free plane tickets for his lifetime, India


Baby born on Indigo's Delhi-Bengaluru flight will get free plane tickets for his lifetime

Miracles can happen anytime, anywhere; and this time, it happened mid air! A woman gave birth to a baby boy while travelling from Delhi to Bengaluru on Wednesday evening in an Indigo airlines’ flight. The news was confirmed by the airlines and a statement was released which read, “We confirm that a baby boy was delivered prematurely on Flight 6E 122 from Delhi to Bangalore.” Now, the airline has announced a lifetime supply of free flight tickets for the child!

The on-board birth

The heartwarming tale was shared by Captain Sanjay Sharma, who was the captain of the flight. He took to social media and shared the whole incident and his experience. According to his post, he was told that a pregnant lady onboard wasn’t feeling comfortable. Hearing this, he asked if there was any doctor on-board, who could help the lady.

Fortunately, there were two doctors flying in the same flight, a gynecologist and a plastic surgeon. They instantly helped the expectant mother, but were informed that the woman had suffered a miscarrige and that she was in extreme pain.

The gynecologist, with the help of crew members, converted the gallery of the flight into a makeshift labour room. A few minutes later, the flight was filled with the crying sound of a newborn.

Though the baby was born premature, both mother and baby are doing absolutely fine. After landing in Bengaluru, the mother and son were given a heartwarming welcome at the airport and were immediately taken to a nearby hospital.

A video of the crew, celebrating and holding the newborn, along with several heartwarming pictures has also gone viral on social media. Meanwhile, the world is also praising the crew members’ efforts in delivering the baby safely.

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