An Italian village might resurface soon after being submerged underwater for 25 years, Italy


An Italian village might resurface soon after being submerged underwater for 25 years

A village in Italy which was flooded back in the 1940s, might resurface quite soon. As per news reports, the Italian village known as Fabbriche di Careggine or Careggine Factories in Lucca province, Tuscany, was abandoned in 1947. People left the 13th-century town because a dam was being constructed on the Edron River. In order to construct the dam, a nearby man-made lake called Vagli was flooded. This caused villagers to leave their homes.

As per records, after the village was flooded, the lake was drained four times; first in 1958, second in 1974, third time 1983, and lastly in 1994. Now once again, the lake is being emptied which will reveal the old sunken Italian ghost town.

As per the firm that constructed and owns the dam, there is a possibility of emptying the lake once again next year in 2021. This is being done to boost tourism in the region. They believe that draining the lake water could possibly bring tourism back here as who wouldn’t want to witness such a historic town that was once submerged in the water for so many years?

According to local news reports, the streets of the village are submerged under 34 million cubic meters of water. This clearly means that tourists won’t be able to get a chance to explore the ghost town but they would be able to see it.

As of now, the organisation is just planning to drain the water in the lake and clean it, and there hasn’t been any official dates announced yet. In addition to this, the company has also introduced a project to promote
responsible tourism in the region. It will focus on constructing museums based on local history along with the redevelopment of the natural environment.

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