Amritsar is now home to a tree ambulance, out to treat sick plants and dying trees, Amritsar


Amritsar is now home to a tree ambulance, out to treat sick plants and dying trees

In a first, Amritsar has introduced a tree ambulance and clinic to treat sick plants and trees in the city. It’s a boon to ailing plants and trees that have been neglected, rotting, and need special care. The unique tree ambulance is the brainchild of
the Green Man of India, IRS officer Rohit Mehra.

Now, who would have believed that a 12th failed man would one day become an inspiration for the whole world? Rohit is on a mission of sustainability and not only passed his exam but also went on completing Civil Services in 2004. After years of hard work, he took the decision of dedicating his life to the environment.

Rohit told the media that he has collaborated with experts, botanists and tree-lovers and introduced this ambulance as trees also have a life. His initiative is the world’s first, wherein healing solutions would be provided to all trees and saplings.

The clinic will also perform difficult procedures including tree transplants. Apparently, this is not the first time that Rohit has done something remarkable for the environment. Before this, the man had successfully planted and created 75 forests.

mini forests, as they call it, are spread across the country and range between 2000 sq ft to 66000 sq ft. He has achieved this feat in just three years! Now, the trees and plants need care and proper attention, which would be provided by the tree ambulance and clinic services.

Rohit is also known for his previous projects that he started to reduce plastic pollution in the country. He used 70 tonnes of plastic bottles as plant pots for vertical gardens in Ludhiana.

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